Roadworthy Testing

Roadworthy Testing in Essendon

At M&B Tyre Service, we provide premium car servicing from an expert team of mechanics in Essendon. We also offer full roadworthy inspections and roadworthy certificates (RWCs) to all vehicle makes and models.

In Victoria, RWCs are required before you can buy, sell or re-register a vehicle. As a Licensed Vehicle Tester, we are authorised to certify your vehicle as roadworthy in Essendon.

A roadworthy inspection takes about 30-45 minutes and covers all essential and safety components of the vehicle. This includes wheels and tyres, steering, suspension, brakes, seat belts, lights, windscreen and wipers and any other safety equipment.

A roadworthy inspection does not take into account non-essential equipment like air conditioning or the cosmetic condition of the vehicle.

How to Get an RWC In Essendon

Roadworthy certificates are required by law when buying, selling or re-registering a vehicle in Victoria. RWCs can only be provided by authorised VicRoads vehicle testers.

At M&B Tyre Service, we provide quick and affordable roadworthy inspections and RWC in Essendon and surrounding areas. We provided certification for all types of vehicles including motorcycles, vans, trucks, buses 4WDs and more.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact M&B Tyre Service to book your RWC inspection
  2. Bring your car in for inspection. A licensed vehicle inspector will check your car in line with VicRoads requirements
  3. On completion of the inspection, you will get a report indicating whether your vehicle has passed or failed
  4. If your vehicle has passed, you will be issued a roadworthy certificate
  5. If your vehicle has failed, repairs and re-inspection will need to be carried out

Our team of expert mechanics in Essendon will be able to quickly and affordably make any repairs you need before re-inspecting the vehicle.

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Whether you need an RWC, a mechanic or a car service in Essendon, M&B Tyre Service can help. Give us a call on (03) 9338 8014 or (03) 9335 5191 or contact us online to book your roadworthy inspection or get a free quote on repairs.