Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) in Airport West

Are you looking to buy, sell or re-register a vehicle in Victoria? Do you need a quick vehicle safety check? Then you need a roadworthy inspection.

We are a Licensed Vehicle Tester and fully authorised to provide vehicle inspections and certify your car as roadworthy in Airport West.

What Is Roadworthy Certificate and Why It Is Needed?

A roadworthy certificate (RWC) is an inspection document that is required by VicRoads before you can buy, sell or re-register a vehicle in Victoria. Roadworthy certification is important to ensure that all vehicles on Victorian roads are safe to drive. This helps to lower the incidence of road accidents caused by faulty and defective vehicles.

A roadworthy inspection takes approximately 30-45 minutes and documents the condition of all essential vehicle systems. The inspection is designed to determine whether your vehicle is safe to drive on Victorian roads. It does not take into account non-essential or non-safety aspects of the vehicle, like air conditioning or cosmetic condition. Nor is it a guarantee of mechanical reliability.

At M&B Tyre Service, we provide authorised RWCs from our workshop in Airport West. Upon completion of the inspection, we provide an official report documenting the condition of your vehicle. If your vehicle fails the inspection, you have seven days to rectify the issue and have it re-inspected. Our mechanics can fix any issues on the spot, re-inspect the vehicle and have you on the road in no time.

At M&B Tyre Service, we are accredited by the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers and have over 40 years’ experience in the automotive industry. We provide a full range of car services all carried out by experienced and qualified inspectors, mechanics and technicians.

If you need to determine if your car is roadworthy, and obtain a RWC in Airport West, contact M&B Tyre Service today.

Get Your RWC in Airport West

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