Brake Repairs and Maintenance

Ensuring that your brakes are in good working order is essential for the safe operation of your vehicle. It’s crucial to have your brakes regularly inspected and to replace worn parts before they become a safety hazard.

At M&B Tyre Service, we provide expert repairs and maintenance for brakes in Airport West, Essendon, Keilor, Tullamarine, Sunshine and other western suburbs of Melbourne.

When you visit M&B Tyre Service you can expect:

  • Friendly and professional service from qualified mechanics
  • Expert workmanship
  • Top-quality parts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast turnaround

Safety First

To safeguard you, your family and others on the road, brake systems checks should be performed annually, or every 10,000 km. A full brake inspection includes:

  • Brake pads and calipers
  • Brake discs
  • Brake kit
  • Brake fluid

Full-Service Brake Repair

We provide comprehensive brake inspection and repairs on all makes and models and all braking systems. Our services include:

  • Disassembly of wheels, discs and front brake pads
  • Checking the wear indicator of the brake pads, brake cables and other brake components
  • Cleaning the front brakes
  • Testing before installing new brake pads
  • Installing new brake pads, monitoring and testing of braking performance
  • Reassembly of the front wheels, new braking performance test
  • Replacing the brake fluid (disposing of the used fluid according to environmental regulations, adding new fluid)

Brake repairsAirport West, Essendon, Keilor, Tullamarine and Sunshine

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If you need brake repairs or a maintenance inspection anywhere in Melbourne’s west – including Airport West, Essendon, Keilor, Tullamarine and Sunshine – then contact M&B Tyre Service today. We’ll provide a free no-obligation quote on any repairs or services. Give us a call today on (03) 9338 8014 or (03) 9335 5191 or contact us online.